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OK – here is the basic information about SHILLINGLAW 

Caroline/Carolina SHILLINGLAW married James AITKEN on 18 May 1836 in Dalkeith, Midlothian Scotland (see OPR).  They were my maternal 3 x greatgrandparents.

In 1841 James and his wife were still living in Dalkeith – Ancestry link

By 1851 the family had a further child born in Scotland, my 2 x great grandfather also James AITKEN (born c 1842 OPR not found), and had moved to England, having further children born in England.

In 1851 they were living in Islington Middlesex – Ancestry link


That is enough about going forward, but sets the scene.

I am looking for the birth date and mother of Caroline/Carolina SHILLINGLAW.

I am sure that Caroline/Carolina’s father was Thomas SHILLINGLAW (date and place of birth unknown).

As far as the mother is concerned, I have found the following –

OPR dated 1812 (at the top) showing that she was born on 23 December 1812 and baptised on 10 January 1813 by the name of Carolina – she was shown as the daughter of Thomas SHILLINGLAW and Elizabeth GRAY


OPR dated 1821 (at the top) showing that she was born on 30 December 1812 and baptised three weeks afterwards by the name of Caroline – she was shown as the daughter of Thomas SHILLINGLAW and Elizabeth CLARKSON

At first I thought that the parish clerk may have got the year ‘back to front (1812/1821) but this cannot be the case as the later 1821 OPR shows lots of baptisms over the years subsequent to 1812.

So –

1    Who is her mother?

And –

2    What address was the SHILLINGLAW/GRAY family living at in the 1812 OPR – it looks like Old Lane M…….?

Firstly, I am fairly certain in my own mind at this point that these SHILLINGLAW girls are one and the same person as I cannot find an ‘additional child’ to account for two separate children with much the same name.

Also, I have my ‘favourite’ as to who is the mother – due to the name of one of the children – but I am open to suggestions


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