Research Commission

Our Professional Genealogist Research fees

Initial Assessment and Quotation : FREE

(A 50% non returnable deposit is taken once an assessment has been agreed upon)

Hourly Research Fee : £30

Half Hour Research fee : £15

Ten Minute lookup: £5

Three stage Family History Album Package

The Three Stage Family Album  consists of

Bronze : The Research Stage  = Price £100*

This stage consists of a 5 Generation research by professional genealogists back to ALL great great grandparents where possible

Silver: The Pedigree Chart Stage = Price £100

This stage consists of the Bronze package PLUS the results of the research displayed on a canvas

Gold: The Family History Album  = Price £200*

This consists of the previous two stages Bronze and Silver package PLUS One or two Albums containing (in a timeline format) all documentation including any census, certificates and or photographs found during the research stage and or supplied by client


The Bronze and or Silver stage  stages can be offered individually or as a combination

Prices marked with * mean there are possible extra costs where documents such as certificates have to be purchased.

All such document purchases will be agreed separately and prior to any purchases made

Payment methods

Cheque -Please email Tr4ce for details.

PayPal – Please email for details.

Bank Transfer – Please email for details.

A 50% non returnable deposit is taken once assessment has been agreed upon